Thursday, December 14, 2017

WEB Mayfly

DESCRIPTION: WEB stands for Wiggly-Extended-Body. Created with a wiggly material, it's perhaps one of the most wiggly extended abdomen among my own patterns and in the market. With CDC wing and high-grade hackle, it will float very well. Plus adding eyes is a visual attraction for trout as well as for anglers (fly buyers).

It's been working for me and my clients very well for the past several seasons. Somehow, taking pictures, updating the catalog, and shooting a tying video have been behind. Finally I got them all together.


Baetis BWO with gray eyes 
 Baetis BWO with red eyes
Which was inspired by this individual (perhaps a male).
Tiny fly but red eyes are easy to spot😏

SPECIFY species PMD or Baetis (BWO)
SIZE: PMD 16, 18. Baetis (BWO) 18, 20, 22
PRICE: $2.25 each

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