Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Third Mayfly Series

DESCRIPTION: What does the name mean? Well, its' the THIRD wing material for the same & established patterns: Deer hair → CDC → now EP Trigger Point.
Trigger Point is not freshly new, it's been in the market for the past several years. However it usually takes me some times, convincing, and persuading to try new items.......... Because I know how market goes (in other words I know how stingy I am😅) and there are similar materials that can work practically the same, oftentimes right at my bench. This time, I was finally convinced and persuaded after 3 or 4 people talked about it periodically during the past 3 years or so............that may be called Imprinting or Subliminal Effect😑.
Anyways, Trigger Point fibers DO have advantages (and the reasons I was finally convinced). It seems finer than other similar products, even than Original EP. Waste ends can be trimmed to the minimum, unlike deer-hair or other fibers, which is easily wrapped and hidden by the following procedures. Furthermore, it's treated with Watershed. Then, there are good numbers of color variations and some of which really impressed me (if you are new to this item, I bet you are starting to say "Hmmmmm......." like I was😏.)
So I started to apply one by one. First, as explained, as the replacement of wing materials. Then I've been playing and tweaking since.

I like the PMD wing color, which pretty much represents most of mayfly duns' wings. Shown here are PMD version.
Compara Dun style
Sparkle Dun style
These have been immediately approved by trout in Livingston's spring creeks. Certainly these can be taken as dry-flies but also they suspend Pheasant Tail Nymphs well at desired depths.
I started to use for different species. I'll post more.

Another product I bought and came to like immediately is Spinner wing color.
Just a sparse amount tied in the spinner style would do well but also I build a parachute, which aids a tremendous visibility. Now I purchased a pack of black fibers. I will use it also for parachute for the evening spinner fall (oftentimes black posts stand out in the darkness over other colors).
Parachute Spinner style
Different angle.
As with dun patterns above, I have already applied for other species. I'll post more as pictures come up!

SPECIFY Species & Size
SIZE: 12 & 14 (Green or Gray Drake), 14 (Flav, Epeorus, Heptagenia), 16 & 18 (PMD), 18 & 20 & 22 (baetis = BWO)
PRICE: $2.25 each

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