Friday, January 10, 2014

New Genre

People who also check my main blog ( do know that I've been pursuing Atlantic Salmon flies. Atlantic Salmon Flies became my passion and ultimate challenge (skills & art) of fly-tying. That's why I've been doing. I have started to get inquires if those are for sales. That made me think............
I have just created a new page "Atlantic Salmon Flies Gallery & Sales Info" above. Please click for more details.

Durham Ranger tied on blind-eye hook with twisted silk-gut. In a display case with deer-antler display holder.

Home-made twisted silk gut.

I'll be simply happy if people going through my gallery, regardless of sales!!
Thank you for visiting!!


  1. From one artist to another - simply beautiful work. You shouldn't have any problems moving these.

    1. Thanks, Joel, for kind words.
      I just wanted to show my ties in one place. The page is meant to be gallery where people come and browse (regardless of purchases). Let's keep up good works!