How to Order & Buy Trout Flies

Contact & ask me anything at any time!!
This operation is mainly busy and running during winter months (November to May). Rest of the year, I'm busy breeding cows and guiding clients around here. If you order me during winter months, I should be able to get them all tied up and sent to you within a week. For the rest of the season (Spring, Summer, & early Fall), I'm still available but depending on my schedule, tying & shipping may delay but I can work things out. All in all, we will be in touch.

Minimum of 6 per pattern (same size & color). 

Shipping & Handling: $5 flat rate. 
Whether it's a 1/2 dozen or 10 dozens, I got to the point that I need to charge the postage. Also whether it's from local, other state, or world-wide, I just can't owe free-shipping any more. Postage is getting higher and US Post Office seems to charge every way possible. On top of it, I drive to Livingston Post Office and typically make a raw....... 
Then most of my customers, especially repeating customers, know that I always include sample and/or experimenting patterns. 
So I really appreciate your understanding.

What I want you to be clear about are:
Pattern(s) you want
How many?
Or even patterns not on catalog available? - I can accommodate pretty much everything.

Tying Instructions: I've been posting self-produced tying videos at my YouTube channel. Also I offer detailed tying instructions with step-photos (for my original patterns) that are summarized in Microsoft Word files. I will email you upon request. I appreciate being asked politely and with some purchases.

I accept checks (or cash from locals whom I may meet in person around here).
I can transact credit cards. I will send you an e-billing to complete the transaction. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL me your card info!!

*Terms & Conditions: Flies will be packed in little plastic containers, so they don't get smashed, then in envelopes. Only if you find my flies dissatisfying for you expectations, I will get your money back minus shipping and handling fee. In that case, please send me back flies with your own postage. I will send your checks back to you (or shred if you ask me). This business is based on honesty, mutual trust, and my reputation (as a guide & as a tyer) so I don't want to lose any of those.

Satoshi Yamamoto
Address: PO Box 25 Livingston, MT 59047
Phone: 406-223-3225

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