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LEFTY ANGLER & FLIES  is the licensed and registered Fly-Fishing Outfitting & Fly Sales business in State of Montana.

Flies listed here are proven to be very effective time after time. Some are popular all over US and others are designed particularly for my area. Good flies work pretty much anywhere. Especially, my area = Livingston, MT = would probably be the most popular and most competitive fishing destination in Montana, if not entire US. So flies that have earned spots in fly-bins or fly-boxes in my area should work in other regions too.

As you already know from this catalogue or my regular blog (or Japanese edition), I fish and guide in various fishing methods with various fly patterns. I love to strip 5-inch streamers when timing is right. I'd love to nymph-fish in order to catch massive whitefish! I'm always a learning student at Livingston's spring creeks for insect hatches, trout behavior, and good flies (indeed some of my originals are designed & tuned up at creeks!). Then I love to sit down and wait for tiny midge or BWO hatching under miserable weathers. I've done all and will continue to do so!!  Then again, these flies in this catalogue have been proven every time. So I'd like to present these flies with my best confidence and tie them only for you with right materials and consistent procedures.

Most of my materials are purchased from Dan Bailey's right here in Livingston, Montana Fly Company, and Hareline Dubbin, Inc. Wherever I purchase from, I'm very picky and selective about materials. Then I know how to handle them!! I am also a PRO STAFF  at Regal Vise.

I keep adding more flies but also I do like to hear requests or even orders that are not in my catalogue yet. If you are short of very generic patterns like "Parachute Adams", "Pheasant Tail Nymph", "Woolly Bugger", that sort, I can tie them quickly and add in your orders.

This operation is mostly busy and running during winter months (November to May). Rest of the year, I'm busy fishing & guiding rivers around here. But I can work things out for you during those periods too.

If you happen to see me along rivers in Montana, you can buy my flies right at the spot!

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