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You can scroll down all you want but for your convenience for what you are looking for, you can click on "Category & Fly Patterns" on the right side. As you can see my classifications are beyond "dry", "nymph", "wet", & "streamers". As a guide, I categorize my flies into "insect", "hatching stage", and "type of water". So some flies have to be categorized in multi classifications for right reasons.

For example, if you are looking for any soft-hackle patterns, you can click on "soft-hackle". If you click "dry-fly", you will see attractor, spring creek, mayfly, caddis, midge, terrestrial patterns all at once. If you are looking for any type of flies for spring creeks, click on "spring creek" and that will show you dry-flies, nymphs, soft-hackles, & streamers that are proven to work at spring creeks.

Most of dry-flies, nymphs, and soft-hackles are $2.25 each.
There are some special patterns and my own signature patterns that are priced $2.50 or $3.00 each.
Streamers are $4 each (there are several patterns from $2.25 to $3.50).

6 MINIMUM of One Size & One Color
- Most customers order one pattern in one size & one color by 1/2 dozen (6), 10, or 1 dozen (12). I really appreciate it. And I recommend so. I still have "two of this, three of that,.......oh and four of this.....". This is very time consuming for me and is not practical for your fly-boxes. I either turn down the order or charge more per fly.

I offer tying-instructions of my original patterns, with many step-by-step pictures in Microsoft Word files for FREE. I will email you upon request. I just expect being asked politely and ideally with some fly purchases.
I'd been writing up and taking pictures but recently I come up with so many patterns that I can't catch up any more. Rather, I've been shooting videos for my YouTube channel. I believe I've shot and posted videos of most of my original patterns on my channel already.

Remember these are flies tied by a professional tyer who is also a professional guide in the most competitive area in Montana, if nor the world. I can stand behind every fly I tie and sell!!

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