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My pursuit of Atlantic Salmon Flies didn't end by dressing good-looking flies and chasing materials. I greatly admire books that have been guiding me - from classic to modern. I like to learn and study history and culture in general. Atlantic Salmon Flies have their own history and culture, or perhaps an era. For modern dressers, these flies have many lore and myth.......... There are many patterns that bear same names but are dressed differently by each author. Who knows who was right and which was better? Best things we can do is to speculate and interpret. Furthermore, modern dressers see and dress these flies as artistic ornaments and people who buy these will hang them on walls as "display flies". While all the classic books - spinning from 19th to early 20th century - describe these flies for actual fishing flies that were thrown into rivers and chewed off by elusive Atlantic salmons............. Funny enough to chuckle...........
Over all, I believe that our current movements and activities are also parts of history and culture of Atlantic Salmon Flies. We are extending and thriving the legacy in our own modern ways of our era. 

These are only a small part of many good books for the subject that I currently own and have read many times. I intend to add more as time goes by. 

Below, I'm not going to add long reviews or internet links for each book. These pictures should show titles and authors so if one gets interested, one can look for via online searches for reviews and where to purchase. Furthermore, I'm writing a series of articles about more detailed reviews along with personal memoirs for Fly Anglers OnLine

Salmon Flyer
This is the only exception here. 
Or conduct Google search "Salmon Flyer". This was a booklet/newsletter subscription (that I could guess) before the era of internet. Superb contents. It's worth checking every issue and every article.

The Essential Kelson (Terry Griffith)
Perhaps this is the one that I read and flip pages most as my mentor's flies fill the book!

The Atlantic Salmon Fly - The Tyers & Their Art (Judith Dunham)
Personally and professionally, this book made a turning point in my career.

How to Dress Salmon Flies (T. E. Pryce-Tannatt)
I still can't believe this was written 100 years ago! So concise and practical!
Then color plate......

Tying The Classic Salmon Fly (Mike Radencich)
The All-Star contributions dictated by Mike Radencich. Superb & must-have book!

Classic Salmon Fly Materials (Mike Radencich)
Focusing on materials but still a great tying instruction book.

Twenty Salmon Flies (Mike Radencich)
This is almost like a "drill" of learning to tie salmon flies. This was the first book I bought and was a right decision. I still look back often.

Classic Salmon Fly Patterns (Mike Radencich)
So far this must be the encyclopedia of Atlantic salmon flies. Great reference.

Building Classic Salmon Flies (Ron Alcott)
This book is very concise that covers briefly yet deeply enough for each topic: history, materials, and tying instructions.

I hope to add more!! Again from classic copies to modern publications!!

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