Atlantic Salmon Flies: Single Fly Custom Order

I started formal framing of my flies. Good looking flies deserve framed and displayed. I hope my flies might please someone's eyes. Also I came to realize it's dressers' responsibility to offer/include frames (& mats) and framing the fly for the customer. After all, it's only dressers who can handle 3-dimension objects better than anyone else!

I developed a couple of methods so the fly can literally "Float" in the frame.

I've been getting orders from various customers. Some say my frames are for their own display/decoration, while others say they are for gifts/presents to family/friends. I'm very happy to hear that my flies & frames are used for those purposes and when I hear good reviews back from customers.


Custom & personal background

$175.00 per frame - includes UPS shipping cost (for US customers).
International customers, please inquire about the extra cost of shipping. 

For super complicated and time-consuming patterns like some of Traherne's patterns, I will charge more accordingly. 

Extra cost for personal background with your own picture(s) like The Captain and The Wild Irishman above. That's because I have to figure out what would be the best way to frame & mount for both picture and fly. Then I have to design and cut out mat(s) specifically. Starting from $25

About Materials:
All flies will be tied on Traditional-antique hooks in display quality (3/0, 4/0, 5/0), twisted silk gut eye.  Then I use Substitute/Alternative feathers in place of hard-to-acquire exotic feathers. Well, majority of dressers prefer dyed turkey tails in place of swan feathers, so.......!?  My Sub/Alt materials are in very high grade. However if you really want flies to be dressed with genuine materials as listed in classic literature, I can look around. I have to charge accordingly plus please allow extra time till I acquire those feathers. We'll discuss upon ordering.

I'm a fly-fishing outfitter so from June to October, I'm busy guiding anglers and simply can't work on these intricate objects (as you know, I do tie trout flies during my guiding months to stock myself but that's a different story!). Please hold your interests for winter and spring. Completing one fly and one frame would usually take 1 week, 10 days, up to 2 weeks.

Please refer my Gallery pages. The page includes some of my finest work. I can certainly dress most of known/published patterns.

I accept credit card, check, and cash.
Please contact me: 406-223-3225 or email:

I know a professional framer who does good jobs here in Livingston. He's the one who does oval cut-outs for my frames. If you wish to have original and custom made frames = wooden frame & glass & matting = , I can certainly arrange that. Your cost will be fly (see below for Fly Only Option), frame by my framer (actual cost that includes wooden frame, glass, matting, and background), mounting the fly (I will do), and shipping. It will be a project that will require some planning and times. I may require a deposit for the framer.

 Remember I'm lefty. So I always set all flies this way. It's just a super natural and normal habit for me. If you want me to frame the other way = facing right = let me know, because most likely I wrap the ribbing the other way from my normal way. Rest are symmetrical. 

If you wish to purchase flies ONLY WITHOUT matting and frames by me, and do it on your own, I can certainly dress, properly pack, and send to you. 
PRICE follows:
$125 per fly, including shipping
International customers, please inquire for extra cost of shipping. 
For super complicated patterns and requests for genuine materials (rare & exotic feathers), I add extra charges. 
I will pack in a small plastic container and the fly will be secured with pieces of foams. For US customers, I will ship with UPS. 
I can certainly offer buyers tips and techniques, or even necessary tools for mounting and framing, based on my experience. As far as I know, if one just brings the fly to framing stores in one's town, it tends to be VERY expensive as those stores - who mainly handle drawings and photographs - don't really know how to mount and frame this type of object. And this is why I have developed my own system as my responsibility and a part of my artistic phase. 
Then, either buyers or framers, I don't think not many people, even fly-tyers who tie only trout flies, can handle Atlantic salmon flies. Preening is very important to maintain the best shape of the fly, especially during mounting and framing (once properly mounted and secured in the frame, the fly shall remain as-is). (again, this is where I come in.) 
I'd like to make it clear: if something happens to the fly AFTER a buyer opens the package from me and make sure it looks OK and BETWEEN a buyer and his/her framer, meaning I'm totally excluded, it is NOT my responsibility. Please DON'T try to blame me, my skills, or my shipping, as those elements are totally NOT involved in the situation. I offer FREE preening with return shipping fee BUT I will NOT dress another one for the reasons I'm not involved in. 
This is NOT due to my ego or pride. It's just the nature of the item we're dealing with. Again, that's why I'm offering my system. 

Either whole antler or just a section of it, deer and elk antlers go really well when displaying Atlantic Salmon flies. Working on antlers is another passion of mine. I have come up with my own style!!
All of these antlers (deer or elk) are colored and treated so it won't decay. Upon ordering, we can discuss style and colors. If someone wants antlers painted in blue or red, I could do that.....but I personally stick with natural coloration, just like wood-crafts, that will express Mother Nature and even history of antlers. 
Clear & protective case, with which you can enjoy views from both sides.
PRICES and shipping fees follow the same as stated above!!


Tool holders: I can design holes that accommodate some of your tools. This is totally up to how the surface of antler looks like and how long the antler is. 

Engraving: I carve letters for you! - as long as it's not too many letters or requesting special font(s). This is also depending on the surface of the antler. 

If you are interested, please contact me via call: 406-223-3225 or email:

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