Friday, December 9, 2016

SYnco Stone Nymph

DESCRIPTION: Rubber Leg stonefly nymphs are very productive on Yellowstone and Madison Rivers and very popular among fishing guides and anglers on those rivers. In other words, (most of) everybody is using!!............ I'd better come up with something while retaining the original effectiveness.

I first added the beadhead. Then added (or revived) wet hackle on the body. Last but not the least, I tied in pheasant ramp feathers for the tail in place of rubber legs. It had evolved into a multi-purpose & -use fly!! This one can be fished under an indicator in the nymph rig but also can be stripped in along the bank or around boulders like streamers!! Not just I've got another fly pattern as my arsenal, I've got another method to fish without changing flies or rigging!

As for naming, I actually didn't come up with anything........ So I started to list and count materials on the hook; bead, rubber leg, chenille, hackle, and pheasant ramp = total 5 = Cinco!!...........

Favorite colors are:
Brown x Black
Orange x Black
Olive x Black available! (no pictures)

As for colors of materials, I have the following. 
Bead: copper, gold, nickle, silver
Hackle: grizzly, brown
Rubber leg: black, brown, some variegated multi-colored ones

Any of these combinations look good and successfully catch fish. If you have and want specific colors or combinations of colors to tie one, let me know! Otherwise, let me handle and I show you pictures for your opinions before finishing the order. 

SPECIFY Variegated Chenille Colors!!
SIZE: 4, 6, 8, 10
PRICE: $2.25 each

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