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DESCRIPTION: Due to hopper popularity, rest of terrestrials have been underrated their effectiveness and importance.........sad but if that's what other anglers and guides do, that works for me😉. Ant patterns have been treated so........ I do like Ant dry-flies. However I have noticed that there are time-periods when trout key on submerged (drowned) ants.

On summer days on DePuy's Spring Creek, I have encountered more than several occasions when ants were constantly falling into the creek and trout kept rising. At a glance it's nothing different from when midge or mayfly are hatching. However there's one major difference: while mayfly or midge will eventually fly into air, ants on the surface will definitely sink........... When I recognize this ant phenomena, I tie on an ant dry-fly and I, and my clients, have taken trout on the surface rise. Then there have been trout that wouldn't respond to our dry-flies yet kept "sipping". It's like trout gently sipping on mayfly emerger and ascending nymph or pupae. I could almost all bet they were sipping on submerged ants just below the surface, without making effort to break the surface tension. That's when this gently sinking pattern will work!!

Another scenario is: after the flying ant mating swarm that we typically see in late summer/early fall. This natural phenomena has been reported anywhere around here; Madison, Gallatin, somewhere in Yellowstone Park............ If you encounter this, it's one of a kind that you'll never forget. Trout gorge on whatever fall into the river. Now that's exciting. But after this explosive response is over, at first it seems our fishing of the day would also be over. There's one more phase worth waiting...... After the major mating swarm is over, what's left? Exhausted and died or dying ants that have not been eaten by trout during the swarm. Those are on the current, being trapped in eddies or not, either way eventually sink. So in this phase, trout feed under the current or in the eddy, oftentimes targeting sinking ants.

Above stories may sound like requisites for sunken ants but this pattern can simply be fished under hopper or dry ant any time!!

SWAnT= Sinking & Wet Ant that will solve the situation like SWAT team does!!
I use a light plastic bead, really fuzzy dub with flash, and hen hackle. This simple one is The Killer!
 I also tie with a curved hook, Dai-Riki 280. This is 2X long hook so #16 is about the same length as #14 dry-fly hook and slightly heavier than dry-fly hooks.
Either hook style looks good and equally effective!!

SPECIFY hook style.
SIZE: 12, 14, 16, 18
PRICE: $2.25

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