Friday, December 9, 2016

Para Post Deer Hair Beetle

DESCRIPTION: Just like ants, beetles and their fly patterns are underrated due to popularity and iconic images of hopper patterns and its fishing. I just can't emphasize how important beetles are as trout diet during summer months. That being said, I have found beetles from trout stomach pumps as early as in early March on Bighorn River to as late as mid October on Yellowstone River.
Even if anglers are preached to use ants or beetle, they still hesitate = because they are much smaller than hoppers and "black", hard to see......... Conceded......... Well, there are number of ways to improve our visibility. (#1 improve your casting so you know where your flies will land.....I know that's too much to demand.) Ants and beetles can be trailed behind hopper. Also add some "vertical silhouette" that's bright enough and makes contrast from surroundings. Parachute is very effective. But how one could incorporate among the rest of materials.............
One day I was just working on deer hair beetle, which has been a standard pattern for ages! I suddenly got an idea....... Rather than pulling a whole bunch all at once, why don't I a half bunch on each side of parachute one at a time? It resulted in the same silhouette....... As for legs, majority of beetle patterns have legs in the middle of fly or hook-shank. However, close examinations under-body tells us 3 sets of legs are actually attached right behind the head. So attaching leg materials after completing a major body is actually making sense and more natural.

Now this beetle pattern can be fished by itself!! Certainly trailing behind hopper or other large dry-flies are effective but now we don't have to depend on their visibility as this one itself stands out on the water. Results has been better than ever!!
 Bottom view = trout view
 Top view = hawk view!?

Color of parachute is just a choice. But also I use this to identify the size as I tuck them into my Beetle Box. In this case, green posts are in size 14 and orange in size 16.

For parachute post colors, I use Yellow, White, Pink, Orange, and Green.

SPECIFY Parachute Post color(s) if you wish!
SIZE: 12, 14, 16, 18
PRICE: $2.25 each

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