Wednesday, December 6, 2017

ESP (Emerger Spinner Parachute)

DESCRIPTION: Here is one of a very few multi-purpose pattern for Livingston's spring creeks........
I've been publishing stage- or situation-specific patterns for spring creeks. Each has been designed for its specific purpose and each of these patterns has been the fundamental of my fly development & designing.

While for free-stone rivers in my area, I have developed many multi-purpose patterns = attractor for one!, and I fish & guide with those flies a lot. It's simplicity & practicality on free-stone rivers.  Say, Royal Wulff can represent mayfly, caddis, terrestrials, and anything imaginable all at once!

This ESP has been derived from a slightly different concept for a multi-purpose pattern......
It's specifically for PMD and is covering Emerger, Spinner, Duns all in one!!
Story goes like this; Parachute pattern is the most versatile during PMD hatch on Livingston's spring creeks. It's definitely a guides' choice but unfortunately majority of anglers, especially those without guides, are not aware of........
Then the fishing scenario is also important. Oftentimes in the morning of late June or early July, PMD spinners from previous evening start to fall before the hatch of the day. Trout will rise and feed. As morning goes on, Mother Nature turns on its own switch and PMD start to hatch. We now start to use match-the-hatch patterns. But also, be aware, every so often, Spinners keep falling during the hatch!!  Aerial & surface seining would help but we can't really tell what trout are feeding until we catch one (somehow) and pump its stomach.
Last but not the least, some guides and savvied anglers have shown me their patterns that have been working for them, along with their experience. I've been listening and learning.

Finally all of these "stimulants" came up all together in my head. It looks simple but a few tying steps are tricky and require careful and intricate touches.
I tied one on for my clients' leader and trout responses have been just as I expected. It is possible that one can keep fishing only this pattern all day during PMD time.

Top view
Bottom view = fish view!

SIZE: 16 & 18 (PMD)
PRICE: $2.50 each

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