Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Coming Out PT

DESCRIPTION: Here's another floating nymph/emerger pattern for mayfly hatches on Livingston's spring creeks. When hatch is prolific and duns are flying all over yet it's hard to take trout with dry-flies, trout are most likely keying on emerger or nymph "in the surface film" or "just on the surface" - the most vulnerable stage for mayfly, in other words, easy prey for trout.

I have been published several patterns under this type; Winged Victory, FA Nymphs, and some versions learned from Master Angler, but spring creek fly development never ends!!
The front components of this pattern simulate folded wings and legs, as if a dun is just getting out of its nymphal shuck. Also these features enhance flotation and visibility.
I have used this pattern during PMD and baetis hatches on spring creeks and results have been good!!

SIZE & COLOR: PMD = 16 & 18, Baetis = 20 & 22
PRICE: $2.25 each

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