Friday, December 9, 2016

B&S Rubber Leg

DESCRIPTION: What's said for SYnco Stone Nymph below can be copy-&-paste here......
Rubber Leg stonefly nymphs are very productive on Yellowstone and Madison Rivers and very popular among fishing guides and anglers on those rivers. In other words, (most of) everybody is using!!............ I'd better come up with something while retaining the original effectiveness.

A new pattern hit the market and got popularity in the fly shops around here. Seeing and picking up one, I liked it too. However, as always, I could improve some and make more color & size variations that would meet the demands for this area rivers.

I first added the beadhead as it makes a nicer head & finish plus adds more weight to get depths in our tumbling waters of Yellowstone and Madison. I increased hook-sizes as that would match to stonefly nymphs and bait-fish sizes around here. Then there are so many effective color combos!! I let my imagination run wild and tied up what came up to my mind. (Now I actually am doing copy-and-paste😓.) It had evolved into a multi-purpose & -use fly!! This one can be fished under an indicator in the nymph rig but also can be stripped in along the bank or around boulders like streamers!! Not just I've got another fly pattern as my arsenal, I've got another method to fish without changing flies or rigging!

B&S = Beadhead & Strips. As for strips, I use both squarrel and rabbit strips, depending of colors and sizes I'm looking for.

As stonefly nymphs, body-color = chenille color is the key. Then the color of strip over can be whatever one chooses and equally effective and good-looking.

Favorite body colors are:
Brown x Black

Orange x Black

 Olive x Black

As for colors of materials, I have the following. 
Bead: copper, gold, nickle, silver
Hackle: grizzly, brown
Rubber leg: black, brown, some variegated multi-colored ones
Rabbit & Squirrel strips: I have too many to mention; natural, black, brown, yellow, olive, barred,

Any of these combinations look good and successfully catch fish. Imagine the brown strip over olive body, or black over orange x black............looks good, isn't it? 
If you have and want specific colors or combinations of colors to tie one, let me know! Otherwise, let me handle and I show you pictures for your opinions before finishing the order. 

Either way, the result will be:

SPECIFY Variegated Chenille Colors and we go from there!!
SIZE: 4, 6, 8, 10
PRICE: $2.25 each

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