Wednesday, March 2, 2016

S-Y (Synth-Yarn) Indicator

DESCRIPTION: Here's the first ever original product other than flies, custom made yarn indicators.
Just like all original flies, I do have background stories and theories on this product. And because I can recommend this with confidence and responsibility, I decided to update here.

For my personal fishing, I don't prefer using commonly popular balloon type indicators = aka "bobbers". It's not because of my style or ego or aesthetic judgement. I have used them before and I know they are handy. And I admit I apply on clients' rigs when necessary. However, here's a caution. Majority of bobber-users don't think of or forget about what's going on underwater, instead just rely on and stare at bobbers' movements. Then one catch fish with or without thinking......... That is dangerous in terms of growths as fly-fishers. I warn and emphasize this point at clients.

On spring creeks, bobber is definitely No-No for me. They make so much popping sounds = bob!!

When attached up on the leader, current bobber products cause nasty kinks on the leader. Then when I want to use the smaller diameter one for light nymphing or just suspending nymphs & pupae, the looping method won't stick at where I want it to be..........

It's not just bobber types.
I like the slit & rubber (or tooth-pic) insert type. But they can slip down on the leader, if not flying away.
I like the pinch & stick type. But every time I want to adjust the depths or to change tippets, I have to discard one.
Typical in-line yarn indicator system takes so long to apply on our leaders. Then when we want to change the depth, we have to rig and test the depth all over.

Then economically speaking, one has to buy each color and size. On top of that, it can be lost any time while fishing, somewhere in the vest, or to the waters. One day, I dropped a little case where I had kept all of my bought indicators............ That was enough.

All of these trials & errors, pros & cons, and mostly frustrations, made me wonder if I could make my own indicators: economical, easy to make on my own, easy to attach, not causing too much kinks on leaders, good floatation & visibility, different colors & sizes................. I finally came up with something very satisfying.

This one meets all of my criteria above. Most importantly very sensitive!! I can even feel & see when trout are inspecting and sniffing our nymphs underwater!! 
I gave away some samples to my clients, fly-customers, and neighborhood anglers. They all responded me with positive reviews.

So I accumulated enough trials. Then I finally assorted colors and then sizes as the product lineup.
COLORS: Hot Orange, Pink, Fluorescent Green (chartreuse), Yellow, Grey (white-ish), Black
SIZES: Small = perfect for spring creeks, especially sight-nymphing. Light nymphing at shallow waters.
             Large = with the recommended floatant (below) well-applied, plus by your back-casting, these will float really well on the big free-stone rivers.

PRICE: Small = $1.25 each, Large = $1.50 each
Assortment of 5 Small = $6.00, Assortment of 5 Large = $7.50
Some anglers prefer black indicator under certain conditions.
Assortment of 6 Small = $7.00, Assortment of 5 Large = $9.00

Here's a very important note: indicators are not necessarily for suspending nymphs and for floating all the time = that's what bobber does! Eventually everything sinks, taken by currents. Wouldn't you agree that the large foam hopper will sink eventually? Conscientious anglers always care and think about what would be going on underwater. Consequently, those observant anglers can tell whether the indicator is sinking naturally or tugged by fish.

Recommended Floatant: Loon Outdoors Aquel (for both small & large) and Hydrostop (especially for large as it's a large-mouth bottle)
Recommended Application: I will include a detailed explanation sheet.