Sunday, November 8, 2015

Skinny Crane

DESCRIPTION: Craneflies are one of aquatic insect that inhabit in Livingston's spring creeks. My own larva patterns: Sparkle Crane Larva & Brindle Crane Larva are the most effective and essential patterns.
In the early evening (or very late afternoon) of summer days, cranefly adults are found hatching and floating on the surface. Compared to PMD hatches (late morning - early afternoon) and other evening actions (PMD spinner falls and evening caddis hatches), cranefly would be categorized minor. Yet they hatch just in between major actions. Every now and then trout look up and we can have dry-fly fishing during otherwise slow/transitional time of day. It won't hurt to keep cranefly adult pattern in your fly-box.

Silhouette is the Number 1 factor as designing this pattern. Entirely slim and sparse. Hackle fibers are trimmed flat on the bottom. This should sit low and quiet on the creek surface.  
I can't wait till I see them hatching next summer!

PRICE: $2.25 each
SIZE: 12, 14
Specify size.

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