Saturday, November 7, 2015

Royal Wulff Parachute

DESCRIPTION: You might go: "uh-ah", "what's this? Isn't this supposed to be the catalog of your original patterns?", "are you running out of your original patterns?", etc., etc.,...... I got it...... I debated within me whether I should post this or not...........

Thanks for your concerns but I have and am always developing my own original patterns. There will be more on this site and on my YouTube channel.

Reasons I decided to post this is;
#1  let's face it. "Do you find generic patterns tied properly with proper materials at your go-to fly shops?" You do but oftentimes you don't - not just this pattern but also many other generics - Adams, Royal Wulff, you call it!! Every so often, hackle comes off after a few casts, sometimes even while greasing.
#2  Oftentimes, they don't float well because of poor materials for tail and parachute. I'm using moose hairs instead of deer hair. Those deer hair used in foreign-tied flies use anything on hand so they can absorb water quickly. Instead of typical calf-tail parachute post, I use synthetic fibers that are much easier to handle and float much better than any natural materials.
#3  Last but not the least, how many of you still fish with Royal Wulff Parachute? Or even, do you see them at your local fly shops? This is one of forgotten patterns that should deserve more attentions.

That being said, my sample pictures are of ones that seem somewhat smashed in my fly box..... sorry about that.........

White/gray parachute is always visible.
Pink parachute can be an aid every now and then.

Through summer of 2015, this has been crashed like this one after the other..........
Certainly as an attractor pattern, but also I do believe this is taken by trout as an ant, then again, as something new because it's been forgotten and not many anglers are using nowadays........ 

PRICE: $2.25 each
SIZE: 12, 14, 16, 18

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