Sunday, November 8, 2015

Micro Crunchy Cicada & Bee

DESCRIPTION: This is THE #1 HOTTEST creation and catching machine during summer 2015. It produced many good trout, good memories, and much laughter of joy!!

When we think of terrestrials, typically hoppers tend to get most priority among anglers. Furthermore, they think big sizes.......... Both assumptions are naive...... But that needs be discussed in some other occasions.
Where are cicada patterns ranked among the terrestrial fly pattern popular poll? Certainly not among the few in the top. Then again, most fly patterns are in large sizes. Perhaps size 10 would be the smallest in the market. I've been using those patterns and they've been catching trout. To me, they've been more like different offerings for trout, compared to hoppers or Chubby Chernobyl used by other anglers, rather than a go-to pattern for me or a key-on food for trout............

It all changed this summer!!
It all started from one stomach pump. I was fishing Lamar River and caught one nice cutthroat. I pumped the stomach and found this. I couldn't really tell what it was on spot or didn't pay special attention. Small cicada, huh? And as I touched it, it was very crunchy!! just like I touch snails at spring creeks. So as it has been the case, new idea/concept began to stir up in my head.
I looked around materials and began to add them up. I came up with several prototype. I didn't go back to Lamar or Soda Butte immediately. Instead I went to Gallatin River, which is another great terrestrial river. I thought it would be a fair trail and experiment. The first rise on that was on my new pattern! - which wasn't quite hooked. I didn't miss the next one!!
It was one of the happiest moment on the water!! My new pattern seemed working right off, furthermore on the river of random choice!! Yet at the same time, I found out its body and wings were not really strong. I needed to reinforce so it would really be "crunchy", not just appearance but also durability. What I came up with was very much like what I touched in my sample tray (above). Small yet robust and hard-shell appearance that must be "crunchy feeling" when trout bite on it!!

Now I headed back to Lamar River with excitement and confidence. Yellowstone Cutthroat LOVE LOVE this new pattern!!

Need I explain more?
This one was very cooperative for a proof picture!!

From another stomach sample.........see........
I actually think this pattern would be also seen and taken as an ant, orange/brown color, what we might call Fire Ant. 
This new pattern had been taken or broken by cutthroat, like this!! However, observe that wing and body were still remaining shapes!! Yes, it's very durable!! Hook went off before the other non-metal materials!!

With the same concept, materials, and procedures, I developed a bee pattern. This is also an overlooked terrestrial food source as well as a game-changer after trout have seen so many generic pattern flying around.

Get some from me for summer fishing and experience for yourself!!
PRICE: $2.25 each
SIZE: 12, 14, 16, 18
Specify Cicada or Bee and size.
YouTube tying tutorial video will be coming soon!

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