Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bullet Head Chubby Chernobyl & Mini

DESCRIPTION: Chubby Chernobyl is perhaps one of the most effective and efficient attractor dry-flies nowadays, at least among Montana guides, because it is very visible & almost all unsinkable, floats high, suspends relatively large bead-head nymphs as droppers, and most importantly DOES catch trout!!

My own ties of original/common Chernobyl Ant and Chubby Chernobyl have been catching for me and my clients. During summer months, I'm very busy........... Though this pattern is relatively simple, I oftentimes depend on supplies from shops. And I admit those from factories are very eye-catching for customers and guides. I was finally able to reproduce those what you see at bins at fly-shops.

Though I don't claim to be my own idea, I don't think you see bullet head versions in shop-bins. This is rather my preference. The fly finishes very well with the bullet head. And I believe this robust square head imitates those of hoppers and stoneflies very well.

This pattern simply represents so many food sources for trout during summer months in Montana = June to September. By changing sizes and colors, it can represent stoneflies, sallies, hoppers, ants, and beetles through summer!! Then factors of attractors and trout curiosity kick in!!

I have assortment of 5 body colors that have been proven to be effective and considered "must-have".
BLACK: Black is definitely my go-to & first choice. Certainly we can speculate that black would represent cricket, cicada, ant, beetle, etc for trout eyes. But, I believe, from my observation, black stands out = can be seen by trout = in many & any water type.
OLIVE: Now this is definitely "buggy". Very good imitation of hoppers and many other terrestrials.
PURPLE: This is definitely an attractor color as we can't think of purple bugs around but we also know trout see and take it otherwise. Remember "Purple Haze"? Same idea. Actually I believe, from trout view under the water, purple on the surface is not as flush as we think, rather, it just looks as buggy as olive and black.
Might as well, with purple, this is how it looks on the belly side.
GOLD: See below with mini version. This color can be hopper and golden stone imitations. Also lots of guides and anglers have found it's deadly when Nocturnal Stone is active!

DARK PINK: See below with mini version. This is the lightest color in my assortment. It just merges very well with tan foam on top and creates very "buggy" appearance.

SIZE: 6, 8, 10
PRICE: $2.25 each

Most anglers face look-up & refusal on big attractor dry-flies. Typically, that happens as summer matures and water gets low. Of course, at certain waters with lots fishing pressure, trout simply recognize and get tired of big bugs. That's when the same pattern but tied in smaller sizes comes in and re-stimulate trout appetite.

With smaller hooks, I omitted the rear wing. Yet very visible and high-floating for sure. Not to mention, same silhouette as the bigger cousins above.
See above and mentally omit the rear wing!

Gold & Dark Pink are with tan foam on top. Again, these are the color combinations that have been proven to be effective.
Same silhouette for trout's perspective. BTW, this dark pink is very juicy & buggy, isn't it?

SIZE: 10, 12
PRICE: $2.25 each

Do I need to post proof pics? I suggest you to check and follow my blog! as there are so many of them!!