Monday, April 13, 2015

VS Emerger

DESCRIPTION: Another spring creek pattern developed based on intense observation. I've been BIG about subsurface hatch and presentation during insect hatches, as much as I like "on the surface" dry-fly actions. I've been developing ascending nymph patterns and emerger patterns and proving them useful (and based on reviews from guided clients and fly customers).
During world-famous PMD = Pale Morning Dun hatches at oh-so-fabled Livingston's spring creeks, I conducted stomach pumps, as always, from trout my clients caught. Most results didn't surprise me = 80 to 90% of contents were ascending PMD nymphs.
Then several individuals captured my eyes. These were what we call emergers with nymph-shucks still hanging onto or emergers just getting out from nymph-shucks.
What really interested me was the shape of wings!! Nobody has done & no other fly patterns have achieved this expression (that I know of).
As always, selecting materials and applying them were the first two hurdles. Then how the fly would look like. With regular trials, errors, critical views by myself and others, and argument in my head, which don't give me a headache any more, I came up with this. I'd like show with confidence here.

Naming? VS = Very Surface: because indeed this one floats/sits exactly on the surface.


Top view

Baetis (BWO) - shown here is regular olive. My basic color combinations are as
  Thorax   Abdomen
1.  olive        olive
2.  gray        gray
3. olive         gray
I have turkey and goose biots in unique colors/shades. I have several more color combinations. A few of them can be unique to particular waters or regions.
Say, at DePuy's Spring Creek in the fall, I often see baetis with somewhat pink thorax, besides regular olive. Patterns, including this one, with pink thorax do work! Let me know what you are looking for.

Now, what do you think?
Then the final hurdle: casting it toward rising trout during the hatch and to see if it would be taken by trout! = ultimate method for testing flies. This one did pass, of course more than once or twice.
PRICE: $2.25 each
SIZES: PMD - 16 & 18
Baetis (BWO) - 18, 20, 22, 24
Color: PMD - PMD = Light Olive
Baetis (BWO) - Refer above = baetis olive, gray, mix of gray and olive, and upon requests/needs
Tying Video - I already shot it. Coming soon!

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