Thursday, April 30, 2015

Unnamed Frame

DESCRIPTION: This is the first ever catalog-update with Atlantic Salmon Flies. You can see my dressings in Gallery Pages above. Upon request & order, I can dress ONE, frame it, and send it to you. That is why I don't post one salmon fly or a frame at a time here.

However, these three flies and entire project mean so much to me - professionally and personally. Just like any other businesses, even my tiny Midge flies, purpose here is to make income. But I'd like to announce this is my seminal work so far. And it will be as I intend to reproduce again.

Through this past winter I worked on two sets of "Unnamed Patterns from the 19th Century" (3 of them) introduced by Al Cohen in a legendary book by Judith Dunham (click for the available purchase method).

Besides dressing them with my best out of best, I spent quite a time and a labor to frame them. My main objective was to say THANK-YOU and express my homage to someone above us. That is why I wrote a very personal letter and framed along. Long story short, it's just so many coincidences with someone that I will never see..............


FRAME 2 - Note: This is at Montana Troutfitters in Bozeman for a consignment with their courtesy and for the public view. If you happen to be in town, go and check it with your own eyes.

PRICE: $450 (same price at consignment) including shipping and handling for world-wide.
Send in a Check or Credit Card (that I can transact securely with Square)  
It's a HUGE FRAME: 19-inch x 15-inch / 49cm x 38cm
Easel will be included for your convenience though certainly you can hang them on the wall. 

If you want to know what the story is and my letter, please inquiry me via email and I can email you a Microsoft Word file with the promise to keep it within our private conversation. 

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