Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lefty Angler & Flies Fly Box

DESCRIPTION: I'm very happy to introduce a fly box with my own logo. With a great service at Dan Bailey Fly Shop in Livingston, MT, finally it did happen.
The shop has been offering the customized logo program for a long time, which has been my fancy. Seeing other shops'/outfitters' logos on boxes, someday I wanted one for my own.
Then there have been fly-customers who order dozens of flies at one order. I've been thinking to show my appreciation along with practicality. Now I became an outfitter. I've thinking that I would need a logo for my own guide/fly operation. So here I'd like to present the first ever product other than my flies.

As a fisherman and a guide, I have tried many different boxes for my vest pockets and as storage. Over the years, I came to find this box from Dan Bailey's is the most practical for both purpose.
Spec: 4&1/4" (11 cm) x 3&1/4" (8.2 cm) - perfect fit for most vest pockets.
12 compartment is perfect to assemble size 16 to 24 (and smaller) flies. Apparently my spring-creek flies are stored in these boxes.
I'm ordering 8 compartment boxes for larger dry-flies (hopper, Green Drake, etc).
Most importantly, even the smallest flies - in my case size 24 midge patterns - WON'T MIX UP as the lid and compartment separater perfectly fit = NO GAP to go through. 
Aren't you tired of small flies scattering all over the box after you have sorted carefully? - Indeed that's annoying. Also isn't it hard to assemble small flies to insert and take out from "foam slits" of some products? This box will solve those problems. 
This means one can use this box to store HOOKS and BEADS. Even bolts and nuts!!

A closer look of my logo.
The white rectangle is meant for so one can write down his/her name, phone # (in case of loss), or fly types inside, or anything one can think of. This is my unique idea.
One corner has a little hole to accommodate piece of strings, zinger, etc.
Also boxes are designed to attach each other in the back. A 12- and an 8-compartment can match too. This makes transferring and storing much either = 2 boxes for 1 movement, really.
These are all based on my practical opinion and experiences with other boxes. And I am sure I go out fishing more than most fishermen.

Price: $5.00 each
I'm ordering more boxes and different compartment types. Keep checking!!

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