Sunday, April 5, 2015

La Pupa

DESCRIPTION: As described for the new use of Flexi Larva, midge larva fished in any water column has been proven to be very effective. I let you call this would simply be a bead-head version of Chewy. However, a bead simulates a hatching/budding point when larvae transforming into pupae. Then again, this pattern has been achieving the depth, under a midge dry-fly, that I want to target the "rise below the surface" which can be 1- to 5-inch. So it's indeed a "larva-pupa" imitation, which I'd like call with a touch of French sound = La = to add some elegance to this simple-one-cell object.

Just like previous patterns, following 5 colors are essentials and will cover most fishing situations and waters.

Dark Olive
Light Olive

Again, I can't emphasize how colors & sizes can be important at each water that you fish. Best method is to kick scene and collect live forms and, as I always do, pump the stomachs of every trout available.
At Livingston's spring creeks, my primary colors are red and black. Then other colors have their spots every so often.
Then just the other day on Missouri River, all the rainbows I caught during midge hatches (and I pumped every single one!!) contained much lighter/paler colored larvae.

Proof pics!
I think this one proves everything. Certainly I attest this is not the result of hooking trees!!

PRICE: $2.25 each
SIZES: 14 & 16 for lakes/ponds. 18, 20, 22, 24 for rivers and spring creeks
Tying video will be posted soon at my YouTube channel.

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