Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Coming Out APE

DESCRIPTION: Another super low-riding midge dry-fly. As in Midge APE, APE stands for Adult-Pupa-Emerger as this one also mimics all three stages at once. I'd say this one represents just before & several nano-millimeter lower than the stage of Midge APE. CDC represents budding wings or a part of adult just coming out of pupa shuck. This hatch stage happens right on the surface. When dry-flies that imitate midge adult or emerger don't get any attention from trout and when subsurface patterns like my own Pupaerger don't do well either, this one exactly fills the "gap" and gets confident bites of trout.

Just apply CDC oil, followed by Frog's Fanny, ONLY on CDC wing buds. It's very visible by itself.

As for color of wings, so far I like both darker = natural dun and lighter = light dun. They both equally work and are very visible.

Just like my other midge patterns, there are 4 color variations. My starter is black but there always are times when other colors are needed.

Light Olive

See it nailed perfectly at the corner of mouth!
And it was a nice & strong rainbow!!

PLEASE SPECIFY wing colors. If you don't I tie in half natural dun and half light dun.
PRICE: $2.25
SIZE: 16, 18, 20, 22
Tying video has not been shot yet. Perhaps for Tying Season 2015-16.

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