Friday, November 14, 2014

Umbrella Pupaerger

DESCRIPTION: To make a long story short, I have acquired a unique and innovative hook (click here. I'd like to give them credit but I don't know if language of the site is legible). It's called Umbrella Hook (Google this then).
Original pattern and intention I was introduced were different but after my own trial & error, I came up with this. Namely "Umbrella Pupaerger"!!
This is a pupa pattern, rather than dry-fly or emerger, and is meant to fish exactly "IN THE FILM". Yet due to this unique hook-style, I can successfully add a visible parachute. I can even trail another fly meant to fish deeper column. In that case the parachute acts as a great indicator.
This pattern is so unique that even trout in Livingston's spring creek, who have been seeing every kind of fly-pattern and presentation, can be easily fooled.
Hook-point is extremely sharp. Seriously handle with care.

The perfect proof from Nelson's Spring Creek!
 Hi Big 'Bow!!

Price$2.50 each
Due to limited availability of supply & hook sizes, size 20 is all I can offer and when it's gone, I may terminate this page or might have to make a special hook order.

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