Sunday, November 16, 2014

Transitional Soft-Hackle

DESCRIPTION: Here's a new pattern for Match-the-hatch enthusiasts!!
First of all, this soft-hackle is designed and meant to fish as a dry-fly!! Of course, after the dead-drift, it would get sucked under water and swung, then it may catch fish by that, especially at riffles. However, my chief conception is to express the combination of ascending nymph and emerger just coming out of its nymphal shuck, both just in the surface film.

This has been tested at not only at Livingston's but also other rivers with productive mayfly hatches. All over, this has been greatly approved by trout with delight (and some sting afterwards, I guess).

Eventually I may expand/experiment for different mayfly species in my area but for now, I cover two most important & popular species = PMD and BWO (baetis). They should keep you busy!

NOTE: for floatant, apply ONLY FROG'S FANNY. DON'T apply any oil/grease type floatant.

PMD size 16 & 18 (with Valley Quail feather).
Hen hackle also makes a good looking & effective product.

BWO (baetis) size 20 & 22 (with Teal Wing feather). 
PRICE: $2.25 each
Specify species and size.
You can request & specify hackle feather if you wish. All 3 feathers I use make good looking flies and have been tested & proven by trout. 

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