Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pupaerger - New Colors

DESCRIPTION: My own Pupaerger (click here) has been the BEST producer during midge hatches on Livingston's spring creek. Yet, even the BEST can be modified due to demands. There are midges in different colors on spring creeks. Also, more importantly, trout recognize them and can be selective. The fall of 2014 offered tremendous midge fishing!! Look at these bugs from my stomach samples!!

Along with my mentor & outfitter Master Angler's advises, I designed new colors for the already proven-to-be-the-BEST Pupaerger. Then I experimented exclusively!! Trust me that I tested all color combinations and sizes!! And I caught many trout during midge hatches.

Gray Abdomen & Gray Thorax: As far as I observed stomach samples, there have been all gray individuals.

Following can be somewhat complicated to list (my part) and to order (your part). I try to go as clear as I can.
For cream and pale olive abdomens, I designed & tested 4 different thorax colors just as I observed and interpreted stomach samples. And trust me, I tested all color combinations and caught trout with all designs. Furthermore in 3 different hook-sizes.......
Abdomen              Thorax
Olive                       Gray
Olive                       Tan
Olive                       Olive
Olive                       Dark Pink
Light Olive              Gray
Light Olive              Tan
Light Olive              Light Olive
Light Olive              Dark Pink
So there are total of 8 color combinations that I'd like to present!!

Olive Abdomen & Olive Thorax

Light Olive Abdomen & dark pink Thorax

 Here are only a few proof pics out of way too many!!

Price: $2.25 each
Size: 20, 22, 24
Specify color and size. 
So far I'm offering 9 color combos and 3 different sizes.

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