Friday, November 14, 2014

Pupaerger 3 (Soft Hackle Pupaerger)

Description: Midge hatches at Livingston's spring creek is as enjoyable as it's frustrating. Overall, it's one of a kind!! You will learn the essence of fly-fishing.
My original Pupaerger (click) and Pupaerger 2 (click) have been the greater and much more successful than I ever expected. It has evolved to new colors too!! (click)
Here' a new version. Pupaerger 3 incorporates our favorite soft-hackle = Hungarian Partridge = fibers and wiggling effect of extended body.
It can be fished in the film and slightly below the film. It's simply deadly...........

Black thorax
Peacock herl thorax
At Nelson's Spring Creek!!

Price$2.25 each
Size20, 22, & 24
Choose size & thorax colors.

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