Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mystery Spinner Selection

UPDATED Nov. 7, 2015: I finally sat down at my bench and took pictures for 5 DIFFERENT PATTERNS in 5 DIFFERENT COLORS.
This post should be much clearer than before!!

DESCRIPTION: They suddenly appear without notice. In the morning of late summer days, after checking in at DePuy's Spring Creek, we would slip into our wader and then walk along the creek to see what's going on.  What we see is heavy spinner falls and according rise actions of trout for the first thing in the morning. We'd better work on right off the bat!!
Who are they? Small mayflies.........baetis!? It's safe and not wrong at all to say so. There must be several different species though.
Anyway.......spinners......... and they are tiny............That already sounds like a very challenging situation.
To make the matter complicated, they come in a couple of different colors all together!! One day, I collected and noted 5 DIFFERENT colors. Except for colors all were similar looking and sizes.
So I'd like to show you my selection to combat against this situation, as well as when you fish the similar situation in other regions/waters.
I will show you 5 DIFFERENT PATTERNS in 5 DIFFERENT COLORS.  Furthermore they come in 2 DIFFERENT SIZES.
You have 5 x 5 x 2 = 50 choices!!

Colors that I have observed are:
  • Black (like Trico)
  • Rusty (like Rusty Spinner)
  • Olive (like BWO)
  • Gray
  • Clear Abdomen
Then for each color, I list 5 patterns in the following order - so I can omit repetitive typing.
  • Parachute
  • No-Hackle Gnat
  • Hen Hackle Spinner
  • Soft-Hackle
  • Flymph




Clear Abdomen:

Size: 20 & 22
Price: $2.25 each

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