Saturday, November 7, 2015

Midge APE

Updated Nov. 7, 2015

DESCRIPTION: Midge APE goes side-by-side and hand-in-hand with Pupaerger. Each one is proven to be deadly but the combination is INVINCIBLE.

Like Pupaerger, Midge APE (click here) has been a very successful midge pattern at Livingston's spring creeks. APE stands for Adult, Pupa, and Emerger. Indeed this pattern represents all 3 stages and trout will make what they want to feed on out of this one.
I expanded the color variations and tested extensively. Besides the original black, following 3 colors have been proven as effective as the original black. This should cover most of midge situations, in terms of colors and the stage of hatch.
When combining with Pupaerger, this can serve as an indicator-fly but trout DO rise on this one!!



Light Olive:

So many trout have eaten this pattern.

PRICE: $2.25 each
SIZE: 20, 22, 24
Specify colors and sizes.

I'll stand behind my products. Here's the recommended and the most effective rigging system for Midge APE and Pupaerger.
Have fun & Let me know how you do!!


  1. Great looking midge pattern Satoshi!

    1. Thanks, Todd. If you happen to use this in your area, give me a report!