Sunday, November 16, 2014

Marabou Matuka

DESCRIPTION: One of my fly customers showed me a streamer and asked me see if I can reproduce. It looked simple and somewhat old-school kind. I kind of liked it as it had a silhouette and a style. Compared to extravaganza seen in modern streamer, it was sparse yet got enough meat & pulse, that can be used both big rivers and spring creeks. So I took the offer.
It's simple, as seen below, constructed with 4 materials (besides hook & thread). Yet making it look good and achieving right silhouette & proportion required me some trials and errors.
As my customer claims, this catches trout! I have no doubt. I put extra effort as a couple of procedures remind me of building Atlantic Salmon Flies. See the nice & smooth head.

I may add color variations as time goes by. Here are several color variations.

Minnow Gray
Other single colors available are: olive, tan, yellow, white.

This is a bi-color mixed version.
Other mixed combination available are: Yellow & Brown, Black & Olive, Black & White, Black & Brown, and any combinations as requested.

I have good supplies of barred (grizzly) marabou.
Here's Yellow.
Other barred (grizzly) colors available are: White (black & white grizzly), Tan, and Olive.

SIZE: 4 & 6
Specify size & color

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