Friday, November 14, 2014

Hecuba & Heptagenia

DESCRIPTION: When we discuss mayflies in our area, PMD and baetis (BWO) would get most attentions. Then Green Drake. However there are several more species that trout love to feed yet anglers don't pay much attention to them. This is true for Yellowstone River and its several feeder waters. Indeed hatches of Yellowstone River can rival to those in spring creeks. Understanding hatches on the Yellowstone and trying to fish with dry-flies are our life-time pursuit.

Two of those lesser-known species are Hecuba (Timpanoga hecuba, Great Red Quill) and Heptagenia. They can be observed through summer months but, in my experience, they get most attention in September.

Patterns I employ are nothing unique but basic. When I'm certain trout are looking for these, Sparkle Dun will do. When I search waters and trail smaller or less visible patterns below, parachute is very effective. With deer hair, I add extra floatability without breaking the silhouette.

Hecuba is commonly referred as tan but also gray-olive is very effective.

Then Tan.

Heptagenia is almost all as bright as PMD and Sulphur.

Price: $2.25 each
Size: 12 & 14
Specify species and style. 

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