Sunday, November 16, 2014

Brindle Crane Larva (Improved Sparkle Crane Larva)

DESCRIPTION: My Sparkle Crane Larva has been one of my best products and most viewed videos on my YouTube Channel. It's unique, simple, & catch trout at Livingston's spring creeks!
This year I started to experiment with a new color and some "TWISTS", which turned out to be another innovative variation. 
This time, I wondered if I can add/express a mottled & variegated effect that I've been observing on naturals. 
What I came up with are............
First GRAY.
Dirty Olive
And results were............No doubt!

Note: 3 pictures posted here may look like different thickness of body and my tying may not be consistent. I intentionally tied so and posted here. I carry this pattern from skinny looking to fat appearance. All of them equally work for me.

PRICE: $2.25
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