Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pupaerger 2

DESCRIPTION: Due to requests, I have already posted the tying instruction video at YouTube about this one before here (

As I am rambling in the video, I first felt my original Pupaerger ( seemed recognized by trout during spring midge hatch at DePuy's Spring Creek ( It's a pure idiosyncrasy for being a spring-creek-addict and an innovative fly-dresser. But simple changes and modifications on the successful fly patterns won't hurt.

Original Pupaerger is still successful and effective. For this #2 variation to imitate emerging/ascending midge pupae, which is based on my stomach samples (below), I decided to use the different hook type. Then I added gills/developing wings (see pictures below). From the very first trial, selective trout grabbed it without any hesitation. Then I started to mix up casting the original Pupaerger here and there and it got taken again!!

I never meant to complicate but for Pupaerger 2, there are two variations. Both are proven to be effective.

Down-wing = beard style

Downward wings/gills on sides
Top view
Here are stomach sample that inspired me.
For the original Pupaerger, shaggy dubbing (to imitate gills & head) and scud hook were the main features. For Pupaerger 2, I am using less-curved hooks (than scud hook) and emphasizing gills more.

I recall this was the very first trout, which happened to be very nice!!, with the very first trial of Pupaerger 2

Since then...........
I lost count how many trout I had caught on Pupaerger 2.......

STYLE: Beard or Side
SIZE: 18, 20, 22 
PRICE: $2.25 each
Tying instruction available in my YouTube Channel. 

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