Thursday, May 8, 2014

Two New Pages

I have just updated two new pages, both of which are dedicated to Atlantic Salmon Flies!!

It's true and apparent that the purpose is to promote/sell my flies. But, this genre is rather passion-driven than business-oriented. Honestly I sell much more trout flies than salmon flies. But I'm spending more money on materials for salmon flies than for trout flies!!
Conundrum? I think so too!! I just want to "dress" beautiful Atlantic Salmon Flies with the best of my skills and artistic senses.

I have decided to separate the original page into two: one for information and the other for fly gallery. Why don't I simply show flies and prices? It's not that simple....... As I'm more involved into Atlantic Salmon Flies, besides pursuing skills and techniques, my interests have expanded also to framing, display, and materials. Those are also important topics when we talk about Atlantic Salmon Flies. I'd like to share those besides my flies.

As for the gallery, the more I work on, the better I get and the better my flies look (I hope so!). As of this typing, Jock Scott (Kelson) and "PMD in Paradise Valley" are quite achievements. Of course my skills and techniques have been improving but also, as mentioned above, I'm learning and understanding materials more and have been acquiring new and better materials. All these must go side-by-side. Say, owning good materials doesn't make one a "fly-dresser". Without sufficient skills and knowledge of how to handle them, good looking flies won't come out.

Perfecting each fly and understanding rare and exotic materials - I've been doing these for my own sake ---- again passion-driven rather than business-oriented.
Would be great if someone out there would like to share the world of Atlantic Salmon Flies by browsing these pages...... give me a jingle!!

A Fly-Dresser in Livingston, MT