Wednesday, March 26, 2014

PMD No Hackle Gnat: Color & Wing Variations

DESCRIPTION: My own version of No Hackle = No Hackle Gnat has already been posted in different species (click here). Now I'd like to focus on Pale Morning Dun. PMD is the most popular and important hatch at Livingston's spring creeks. I can't emphasize how special its hatches and trout responses can be = hence how special these 3 World-Famous Creeks are.

Based on my observation on both insects & materials, I started to experiment to tie in different colors (similar but slightly different) and in different shapes of wings.

PMD = Light Olive, period. However, every material vendor has different chemicals and interpretations, I suppose. Each can be right!
Here, abdomens of 1 and 2 are tied with turkey biots dyed in PMD. Only difference is from which vendor it came from. And I like both. 3 has some touch of tan. 

Shape of wing has been another curiosity of mine. Each one can be attractive and has its own purpose/imitation. Based on my experience of tying Atlantic Salmon Flies (long story short), I came up with 5 DISTINCTIVE shapes.
Here are close-up shots and brief description for each shape.

"Low & Split": This represents duns that have just come out of nymph shuck and been sitting low on the surface. Or even spent appearance.

"Medium High": This represents duns that have just stretched their wings.

"High & Up": This shows that duns' wings are well dried and stretched and are ready to fly, yet still sitting low in the surface. What's the difference from #2? See wing tying point is totally different.

"Medium High & Down": By applying a simple tying logic and a material handling skill, I created a silhouette somewhere between 1 and 2. This one represents a dun that is drying its wings, is somewhat ready to fly, and is spent.

"High & Down": This one expresses duns that are stretching their wings. I observe these under cloudy overcast and slightly wet weather. Under those conditions = extra moisture and humidity in the air, duns require more time to dry & stretch their wings.

Here's another comparison shot.
SIZES: I tie these in 16 & 18.
So total how many variations can I offer?
3 (colors) x 5 (wing shapes) x 2 (sizes) = 30 VARIATIONS
I keep all of these in order to assist my clients with my best.
If you are serious about PMD hatches at Livingston's spring creeks (and even in other places), these are "MUST-HAVES".

PRICE: $2.50 each