Friday, January 10, 2014

New Genre

People who also check my main blog ( do know that I've been pursuing Atlantic Salmon flies. Atlantic Salmon Flies became my passion and ultimate challenge (skills & art) of fly-tying. That's why I've been doing. I have started to get inquires if those are for sales. That made me think............
I have just created a new page "Atlantic Salmon Flies Gallery & Sales Info" above. Please click for more details.

Durham Ranger tied on blind-eye hook with twisted silk-gut. In a display case with deer-antler display holder.

Home-made twisted silk gut.

I'll be simply happy if people going through my gallery, regardless of sales!!
Thank you for visiting!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Fountain Buzz Bee

Description: Bees would probably be ranked the lowest when fly anglers think of terrestrial fishing and fly patterns. I admit I follow the same tendency. However I never go out fishing without bee patterns during summer months. Just like other terrestrial species, there are times when bees swarm along and above rivers (hopefully we don't get stung....). Every now and then trout literally go "NUTS" on bee patterns. But also bee patterns can be important and effective to show trout something different from popularized hoppers and ants. I'm not sure if trout are taking our hooks as bee-stung. Then they would realize they can't swallow and consume down our hooks....... Stories go on and on.

I've been experimenting this pattern for the last few seasons. It's been very effective at various Yellowstone Park waters and during float trips on Yellowstone River. With the heavy use of synthetic materials, this pattern will always float. Besides it surely looks cute in our fly-boxes.

Here are some Cutty who tried to "swat" or "knock off" bees in the air..........

SIZE: 10 & 12 & 14
PRICE: $2.25 each