Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Two Mix Salmonfly

The first post for the season is the pattern for the most sought after hatch = Salmonfly!!

Description: Salmonfly hatch is perhaps what Montana rivers are the most well-known for. Fortunately I'm in the middle of the greater area.

There are lots of adult Salmonfly patterns in the market. Some are super elaborated, already fluttering in fly bins, and constructed with never-sinking foam only. Fine...... However, truth be told, most times trout key on females that have come back to water to drop eggs (exhausted males as well) and that will get eventually get drowned. This is simply because those stages are easy for trout to capture. That's why low-sitting and dual-purpose dry/wet types always work far better those eye-appealing high-floating & fluttering patterns.

My pattern has been proven at Yellowstone & Madison (both Montana & Yellowstone Park sections) and at Gardner & Gibbon Rivers in Yellowstone Park. After the dead-drift presentation, don't hesitate to let this sink and add some twitch/retrieve before re-casting. That will cause violent, oftentimes unexpected, takes!!

Size 8 & 10 (It may sound small for Salmonflies but these are hook-sizes. Actual fly-sizes are about 1.5 to 2 inches)
Price: $3.00 each

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