Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sucker Minnow Series

So I have posted (re-posted) most of my insect-oriented patterns. But also I do love "big meal" stuffs........ Whether fishing big rivers like Yellowstone and Madison Rivers or spring creeks, forage fish are important food sources for trout, especially for BIG individuals (now it's very soliciting!!). I wouldn't limit myself in terms of my fishing methods and fly-patterns.

Description: For this group (or category), I focus on minnows and baitfish that are common in many trout streams. I have designed and fished to imitate "sucker", "whitefish", & "chub", even somewhat "baby trout". Most of these are in the light color category (white, tan, silver).
I haven't exactly come up with fancy names so I may change & repost in the near future but at least I keep the number in common. So order by the number.

I can instruct you how to fish and suggest appropriate gear (rod, line, etc) to fish this type of flies properly. I just don't write all here as it can be long. So ask me as you order or as you fish. 

1. Sucker Minnow Streamer (mottled wing available = shown below. Size 4, 6, 8).
 2. Egg Sucker Minnow (dun wing available as shown above. Size 4, 6, 8)

3. Egg Sucker Zonk (large Size 4, 6

4. Egg Sucker Zonk (small Size 8

Specify size & color (if available).  
Price: $3.50 each

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