Sunday, November 10, 2013

Spring Creek PMD Selection

Again, I've been showing popular and effective patterns at Livingston's spring creeks. But these patterns are also very effective & compatible to spring creeks and tail-water fisheries in other areas. Even at big rivers, you may spot super picky & selective rising trout every now and then. When you can't fool that kind of trout with your regular patterns, you will need these patterns. So keep some in your boat boxes as well.

Description: PMD (Ephemerella Inermis & Infrequens) hatch is arguably the most famous event at Livingston's spring creeks. It's truly a heaven, or paradise, you name it. No other streams and locations match this surrounding. Prime hatch is from late June to early July. But PMD hatch lasts all summer long. Matter of fact, these beautiful insects can be seen at creeks all year long and trout take them at will!! Because of these facts, many patterns have been created by local guides and anglers. I have my own patterns as you can see in this catalog. Shown here are mix of general/local & somewhat original patterns. These flies should cover you!

Generally most of PMD have uniform colors. So I go with one color here = light olive.
As for sizes, 16 & 18 are most common and that's all you need.

CDC Sparkle Dun (standard straight dry-fly hooks available).
CDC Dun (standard straight dry-fly hooks available).
Foam Para Emerger (standard straight dry-fly hooks available).
Hackle Stacker (Para-Loop) Emerger (standard straight dry-fly hooks available).
CDC Transitional - Type 1
CDC Transitional - Type 2
CDC Transitional SSS (SnowShoe Shuck) - dark olive ORIGINAL
CDC Transitional SSS (SnowShoe Shuck) - light tan/brown ORIGINAL

Specify hook-styles and sizes.
Price$2.25 each

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