Saturday, November 9, 2013

Spring Creek Blue-Winged-Olive/Baetis Selection

Fly category and classification can be complicated. Should I list all of PMD patterns at once? Or post one pattern, say Sparkle Dun, and show all the species variations. This is the former. I showcase essential and crucial patterns for Spring Creek BWO/Baetis. These are common and generic patterns that I modified to suit for spring creek fishing. Or, though I don't claim credit, I improved them. So I might as well post as a group rather than individually.

Description: Baetis = Blue-Winged-Olive (BWO) is probably the second most popular hatch, next to PMD, at Livingston's spring creeks. For some die-hard anglers like myself, Baetis=BWO hatch is the number 1 event of the year as it's the most challenging and technical (at least to me). Fly selection = patterns, sizes, & colors = is super crucial to combat against super selective trout. Besides my original patterns, which you can find individually, these patterns are proven to be important and work really well. As written above, I modified and improved generic patterns to fit our needs during baetis hatch at spring creeks.

I just can't show all color variations for each pattern. So here's a note. All these can be tied in
     Thorax   Abdomen
1.  olive        olive
2.  gray        gray
3. olive         gray
As for sizes, all can be tied in 18, 20, 22, 24.
Hope all of this listing won't give you headaches, but this is how I stock and organize and I'm just being specific to you. So order accordingly. If you request pictures of different colors, just let me know and I will email you!!

CDC Dun (standard straight dry-fly hooks available). Shown here is all Olive

CDC Sparkle Dun with Turkey Biot (standard straight dry-fly hooks available). Shown here is Olive thorax and Gray abdomen.

Foam Para Post Emerger (standard straight dry-fly hooks available). Shown here is Olive thorax and Gray abdomen.

Hackle Stacker (Para Loop) (standard straight dry-fly hooks available). Shown here is all Olive.

Specify colors and sizes.
Price: $2.25 each

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