Thursday, November 7, 2013

Spring Creek Black Caddis

Description: Most anglers who come and fish Livingston's spring creeks (or most spring creeks) expect to fish for mayflies. Because........... it's just........ what we may call "classic spring creek set up", in other words, stereo-typical image........ There are some anglers who are willing to fish for midges. Terrestrial fishing can be favored on right days. But less numbers of anglers would care about caddis activities....... (we are not going to discuss minnow, eggs, indicator fishing, sink-line use, etc., etc.,......for now).

Anyway, caddis is also one of important trout food sources at spring creeks. Caddis are prime from warm spring days of April to mid summer days. At lower section of DePuy's (, I observe even Mother's Day Caddis (Brachycentrus) in spring and October caddis (Dicosmoecus)in the fall. Both of which are migrated from Yellowstone River. For our fishing purpose, most important and frequent species is, well, "black one" (sorry I haven't pursued a taxonomy yet as that practically sums up....). Patterns that work at rivers can be applied at spring creeks but also some patterns are a bit too extra fluttering for spring creeks. My creation has been proven by selective trout of Livingston's spring creeks. I designed this to sit low, still, and soft on the water surface. Caddis hatch can be missed easily by anglers at spring creeks for some reasons. It can be 1) trout are feeding emerging pupae slightly below the surface, 2) hatch is mixed with other insects' hatches, and so on. So when trout seem finicky and you are exactly sure what they are feeding on, trail this black caddis behind other food sources.

Size: 16, 18, 20
Price: $2.25 each

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