Friday, November 8, 2013

Spent Dun SSS (SnowShoe Shuck)

Description: This is one of a few patterns that look more realistic and practical on the water (after slightly wet) than on the vise. Don't judge this pattern as "Spinner?" because of its wing shape. This synthetic wing will be folded, washed away, or crinkled very naturally by the current. Most commercial patterns use "one too many" amount of synthetic fibers for wings, in my opinion, which makes too bulky and unrealistic wings. Doesn't matter whether it's used at big rivers or spring creeks. I cut number of fibers drastically. Another secret of this pattern is the incorporation of snowshoe rabbit feet fibers. With the mix of spikiness and undulation, this makes a realistic nymph shuck, which is hanging out from the emerging dun. Indeed this pattern is an emerging dun, which is struggling to get out of its nymph shuck right at water surface. Also on the moving water, this surely looks like a spent & drowned dun. Try this pattern when trout are acting picky, whether at big brawling rivers or flat waters of spring creeks.

PMD - dark olive shuck: size 16 & 18
PMD light color shuck - size 16 & 18 

Sulphur: size 18 & 20

BWO-Baetis gray/olive: size 18, 20, 22

BWO-Baetis dark olive: size 18, 20, 22 

Epeorus: size 16 

This is the stomach sample of trout caught during PMD time. This should give you ideas and visions of what this pattern imitates and is meant for. Need I say more?

I caught lots of trout with this pattern during complicated hatch of spring creeks!! (Too many pictures to choose a few!!)

Specify color (species) and sizes as you order.
Price: $2.25 each

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