Friday, November 8, 2013

Note for Spring Creek Flies

It is true that I'm good at and emphasizing spring-creek flies. But I'm afraid that might cause confusing and misunderstanding among some of potential customers. So here's a little note.

Spring-creek flies are designed just like river patterns = insects!! My selection of spring-creek flies is "one fly for one particular species/stage of insect" (mostly). And those tend to be more realistic and sparser, compared to Attractor type dry flies, which are designed for high-visibility and high-floating on fast-running rivers in minds.

But then again, trout in big rivers can be as selective at certain insects/stages. Probably you may not keep casting my "No-Hackle Gnat" from the drifting boat all day (funny to imagine!!), but oftentimes you would pull over and fish for particular back-eddies and current seams where certain trout are gently sipping on something. That's when you should tie on more realistic patterns instead of general attractors.

In my area, besides Livingston's spring creeks, there are many other waters where I'd love to fish for hatches. I do bring my spring-creek flies with me. Just to name a few, Soda Butte Creek, Lamar River, and Slough Creek (all in Northeast corner of Yellowstone Park) are prime examples of match-the-hatch with specific flies. During the hatch, those Cutthroat act just as picky and selective as their cousins in spring creeks!! Indeed, as I often mention, Slough Creek below campground is the "toughest public spring creek in the world"!!

Also, not just I but many local anglers love to fish for hatches on our Mighty Yellowstone and Madison Rivers. They DO have excellent match-the-hatch situations. Nothing wrong about using some realistic flies instead of general attractors.

So please don't be intimidated by the aura and sound of "spring creeks" and specific flies for fabled waters. Their uses are not limited only for spring creeks. They can be used for other rivers with great success (and that's why those are priced the same!!). In other words, if the fly works well at spring creeks, it works even better at other public rivers.

One of my tying hero Jack Gartisde notes "flies for all fish".
I'm not quite close to that level, but I surely tie and create "flies for all trout waters".
As always, ask me any questions any time!!

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