Saturday, November 9, 2013

Matuka Sculpin Series

Of course I won't forget our favorite sculpin patterns........

Description: I owe some of the most useful knowledge to Dave Whitlock's "Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods". I suggest you get a copy!! This book helps me understand forage fish habitat and trout behavior as predators. (I actually owe a lot about understanding insects too!!) Arguably Dave's Matuka Sculpin still stands out. I have added my own variations and experimented with them. I have noted how they swim and sink. But also more importantly how they cast. They all passed the tests, approved by trout!!

I'm using Bent hooks (Dai-Riki 700B & MFC 7073) to add some funny impression & practical appearances. 

I can instruct you how to fish and suggest appropriate gears (rod, line, etc) to fish this type of flies properly. I just don't write all here as it can be long. So ask me as you order or as you fish. 

1. Matuka Sculpin (Size 4, 6). Pretty much original recipe. Weighted with lead wire on hook-shank. 

 2. Barbell-eye Matuka Sculpin (Size 4, 6). Weighted with barbell-eye instead of lead wire wraps. Rest is practically the same as above.

3. Chubby Sculpin (Size 6, 8). Shorter & chubbier than two above on purpose. Weighted with lead wire on hook-shank. 

Flat & wide

See this elaborated dubbing body!! 1 & 2 have the same two-toned bodies too.

Here's a live sample. Observe!!

Specify size when you order.  
Price$4.00 each

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