Friday, November 8, 2013

Improved Pheasant Puff (PP2)

Description: My old Pheasant Puff has been acceptable at Livingston't spring creeks. However as I come to know more materials and get better at handling them, my patterns also evolve. Also Buzz at Spring Creek Specialists Fly Shop, right on DePuy's, introduced me a pattern while I was struggling with complicated hatches and super selective trout. I still like to use the stub of natural Ringneck fibers to imitate "wing bud" of emerging mayflies. Snowshoe Rabbit feet fibers are excellent for creating some of the greatest nymph shuck (you will see when it's wet). Then Goose biot makes a distinctive abdomen. Dark wing-bud causes poor visibility but I believe that's important for a real imitation rather than using an easy to see colors. Apply an oil type floatant on "puff" before fishing. Then dry with Frog's Fanny every now and then.

PMD - dark olive nymph shuck: Size 16 & 18 
 PMD - tan nymph shuck: size 16 & 18

BWO-baetis: size 18, 20, 22

Need I say more?

Specify color (species) and sizes when you order.
Price: $2.25 each

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