Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Green Drake Soft-Hackles

Description: Green Drakes are the largest mayflies in Yellowstone area (that I know of.......). But it's actually really funny for me as a guide and an angler. Their hatching season really varies from one water to next. Either water, when they are actually on the water, their large bodies are too apparent to miss. But also trout in that water seem to remember and know the season more than we do. Even when we actually don't see duns on the water and in the air, if it's on a right condition of a right day during the hatching season, trout will come up and take our offerings.

I have some favorite dry-fly patterns (will show up here soon!!) but also these soft-hackles that I learned from Montana's Master Angler - Tom Travis are absolute killers!! You might think "swing these under the surface?". You can but actually these can be fished as "dry" with amazing results!! Ask me how as you order and I give you specific instructions how to fish!!

 Simple Soft-Hackle

My clients had great actions at various Yellowstone waters!!

Size: 10, 12, 14. 12 is the most common.
Price: $2.25 each. Specify Flymph or Simple.

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