Thursday, November 7, 2013

Green Drake Essential Dry-Flies

Description: I think I could say Green Drake hatch is almost all like Salmonfly hatch and hopper fishing here in Yellowstone Country. Large trout let their inhibitions loose little a bit and come up to take large dry-flies. As for fly patterns, same statements can be used here as I did for Emerging nymph patterns. Since season tends to be short, the same old patterns can be used repeatedly before trout become wary to them. But also I know trout love to try new flavors!!

I call next two as UFL Series, which stands for Used Fly Line. Yes I'm using my old fly-line. The sage-green floating fly line got "seasoned" over days and hours of use and finally got retired. The coloration is just like of Green Drake around here. I felt there would be one more life left. I thought about how to apply/tie in and I came up with something. Apparently with or without applying heavy amount of floatnat, these WILL float high as being made of Floating Line!!

UFL Green Drake

UFL Green Drake Parachute

Then the last but not the least, I have modified my own Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple into Green Drake version. Compared to the top two, this is definitely a stillborn/cripple pattern. With synthetic wings, this also floats really well and is very visible, yet sits very low and soft on the surface.

Green Drake time is always fun!!

Size: 12 & 14  12 is the most common. Specify the pattern (down-wing, para, or cripple)
Price: $2.25 each

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