Thursday, November 7, 2013

Green Drake Emerging Nymph Patterns

Description: Green Drake is one of my favorite hatches around here in Yellowstone Country that is worth longing for till the next season. Since season is short (in terms of hatch and fisheries' availability), the same old patterns could be used repeatedly with reasonable successes. I'm just one of local anglers so I wanted to fish for the hatch and catch as many trout as possible. However, I held the urge and desire to do so, instead I spent for experimenting my new patterns. This is always a frustrating process but when my flies were proven, no other moments can be more rewarding.

I have observed trout key on vulnerable ascending/emerging nymphs during the hatch, just like other mayfly hatches. Green Drake nymphs are of course large and trout love them. I have modified my own Winged Victory Nymph to match this large mayfly. Not just using larger size hooks, but also my intention was to express its distinctive features. It was an immediate success!!

This version is much more surface oriented than Winged V. This can be classified as an Emerger pattern. I call this Flat Winged Victory Nymph.
Top view. Wings are flat and more undulating yet still forming V!!


What else proof do we need?

Size: 12 & 14  12 is the most common.
Price: $2.25 each

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