Thursday, November 7, 2013

Flexi Zebra Midge

Description: Midge can be found any trout waters. Hence there are thousands of patterns in the market, and more coming!! Everyone has his/her favorite patterns and some patterns are deadly anywhere. Whether it's dry adult, soft-hackles for pupa/emerger, or simple larva, I'm a self-confessed "midge-mafia"!! I just added some tweaks on one of my (if not everyone's) favorite Zebra Midge with a new materials = Life Flex from Hareline. Result is wonderful!! It can be tied in many different sizes and colors (or combination of colors). It works in both rivers and spring creeks in my area, which proves its effectiveness tremendously!!

I tie in black & red. Colors of beads are my choice. All bead colors are deadly and likable (gold, silver, & nickel). So you can order specific bead colors or if you order certain amounts, I will mix up bead colors for you (for example 2 gold beads, 2 silver...... etc). 



Proof shot at DePuy's (

Size: 14, 16, 18, 20 - This size-range should cover from big rivers, ponds/lakes, to spring creeks.
Price: $2.25 each

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